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Fun Facts
When was Taekwon-Do founded?

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April 11, 1955
Big & Little Warriors
Big and Little Warriors is a new program offered by Gotham Martial Arts. This is a program targeting children up to 3 years of age. This program welcomes parents and guardians on the mat during class to accommodate your child and to allow them to become familiar to the classroom setting. Our goal is to gradually allow the child to independently take class on their own.

This age group is in the 'sensorimotor' - 'preoperational' stage of development, where mental skills such as memory and physical skills such as running and jumping are developing. Their muscles and nervous system are developing and children need to exercise their bodies in order to improve their overall motor and mental skills. Our program is designed to develop their new motor skills through Taekwon-Do, a martial art that centers on discipline and control. They will learn to kick, punch and other physical skills as well as mental skills such as focusing and learn how to discipline. Building strong characters in our children starts early. Once they are 3 years of age, your child is ready to continue training in the Little Lion program and start the road to black belt!