Little Lions

Our Little Lions program, for children ages 3 - 5, is designed to enhance children's developing mental and physical skills in a fun and motivating way. Our curriculum consists of developing eight major skill requirements that are represented by eight different colors. These skills are necessary for participation in all areas of life including school, home, sport, and other social settings:

FOCUS - This skill will help your child's concentration, listening and reaction skills.

TEAMWORK - The more confident your child is while working with others, the more your child will develop character, better social skills, and leadership.

CONTROL - Your child will learn about making the right decisions and know when to use/not to use their Taekwon-do skills.

BALANCE - He or she will develop good balance and better posture, which can improve other physical activities and reduce injuries.

MEMORY - We'll exercise your child's brain with mental activities to improve their thinking and memory for schoolwork.

DISCIPLINE - Your child will take pride in doing the right thing at the right time. They will learn to follow instructions in fun, yet firm, lessons.

FITNESS - This skill will learn about the importance of being healthy and physically fit to grow big and strong.

COORDINATION - Apart from learning left from right, we test your child's developing coordination in order to develop reaction and decrease risk of injuries in physical activity.

With a different skill highlighted every week, you and your child can look forward to the following:

  • Improvement of basic motor skills
  • Improvement of listening skills
  • Better study habits
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Positive social interaction and working with others.
  • Motivation
Upon participating in our program, your child will become more focused and motivated to achieve any goal they set. Our program will also prepare your child for our Juniors Program and start their path towards black belt.
Private lesson is available upon request - Private lesson is suitable for all students regardless of rank and age. The structure of private lesson and lesson content is based on your personal goals and needs in Taekwon-do. Students will get quick and measurable results and the motivation to push the results further. Private lesson will allow students receive better results in less time, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

Our Programs
At Gotham Taekwon-do, all teachers are personally trained by Headmaster Kwok. Our students' growth and safety are our top priorities.
Teaching Philosophy
Our evidence-based curriculum consists of practices that have been examined through rigorous research.
Little Lions
Little Lions (Ages 3-5) program is designed to enhance children's developing mental and physical skills in a fun and motivating way.
Martial Mind
Martial Mind (Ages 5-7) is an integrated self-defense and social-emotional learning program.
Juniors Program
Juniors Taekwon-do (Ages 8-12) is a traditional martial arts program with the emphasis of appropriate social behaviors.
Adults Program
Our Adults Program (Ages 13 and up) focuses on traditional Taekwon-do training with a practical, non-competitive and scientific approach.

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