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Why do Taekwon-Do practitioners practice without wearing shoes?

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Traditionally, it is the way to keep the practice area clean.
Master William Wai-Yin Kwok
Master William Wai-Yin Kwok

Master William Wai-Yin Kwok
Master William Wai-Yin Kwok is an internationally certified master instructor with 35 years of martial arts experience. He was born and raised in Hong Kong. His father was a recognized Physical Education Professor from the Chinese University of Hong Kong between the 1970s and 1990s. Under his father's influence, Master Kwok experienced different types of sports at an early age and was exposed to martial arts at the age of seven. As a martial arts enthusiast, Master Kwok experimented in various martial arts disciplines, including Aikido, Goju Ryu Karate-Do, and his other self defense specialty - Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Master Kwok moved to New York City and began his college education in 1991. He continued his practice at college martial arts clubs but was not satisfied with the level of training. Master Kwok decided to increase the quality of his martial arts training under the supervision of a great teacher. After visiting numerous martial arts schools in New York, he met Grandmaster Kim, Suk-Jun, a direct disciple of the Founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi, Hong-Hi. Master Kwok was very impressed with the effectiveness and practical aspects of his teacher's Taekwon-Do disciplines. Ever since, Taekwon-Do has become the primary focus of his Martial Arts training.

Master Kwok in His Youth (1979)
Besides enjoying the practice, Master Kwok also discovered his passion of teaching martial arts. He has not only learned Taekwon-Do from Grandmaster Kim during the years, but also the ways to teach it most effectively. Beginning in 1998, he began assisting Grandmaster Kim in teaching and promoting Taekwon-Do. In 2005, Master Kwok developed a weekend Taekwon-Do program in Brooklyn. In 2007, he established Gotham Taekwon-Do in Manhattan. " In September 2014, Master Kwok was honored by the Martial Arts History Museum in Los Angeles as a recipient of the Museum Honor Award for his excellence in the martial arts and his contributions to the local community. In December 2014, he was honored martial arts rank "7th Dan Menkyo" and title "Grand Master in Martial Arts" by World Personal Martial Arts Federation, a non-profit and volunteer organization. In May 2015, Master kwok received the Community Leadership Award from President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

Outside of the martial arts world, Master Kwok's experience has been quite varied. He is a professor of Managerial Studies at the City University of New York (CUNY) and a member of Asian American/ Asian Research Institute. Master Kwok earned his Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from St. John's University with honors and a Master of Liberal Arts degree in International Political Economy from Harvard University. His academic training and leadership skills led him to a successful career with T-Mobile, the Global Mobile Communications Corporation, where he served as a Market Manager in New York Metro. With encouragement from Grandmaster Kim, Master Kwok made the decision to teach traditional Taekwon-Do on a full-time basis in 2007. His goal is to develop better individuals to serve the New York community and provide precise and attainable instruction where more people would benefit from the mind and body integration for which Taekwon-Do training is well-respected.