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Fun Facts
Why do Taekwon-Do practitioners use 2 hands to shake hands?

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It is a gesture of respect, as we wouldn't receive anything of great value (an expensive vase, a baby) using only one hand.
Benefits of the Kids Program
  1. Social Interaction - Children who participate will have positive interaction with children their own age.
  2. Discipline - Martial arts encourages students to practice good behavior skills and set a good example for others.
  3. Improved Basic Motor Skills - Students will build coordination, balance, control and fitness.
  4. Year Round Participation - The Program is ongoing and offers training a few times a week.
  5. Increased Attention Span - The first skill that is taught in the program is FOCUS.
  6. Confidence - The classes are fun and easy to follow. Students will build confidence through different group activities.
  7. Positive Role Models/Values - The Instructors discuss positive lessons and life-saving skills during every class.
  8. Goal Setting/Achieving - The program includes a daily reward system along with bi-monthly promotions. Students will learn through positive reinforcement.
  9. Positive Attitude - The curriculum is developed to improve each skill in every class with visible improvement
  10. Prepared for Success in School - The program will help develop memory skills and responsibility.